OKCupid Review (2018)


OKCupid - Overview

While OKCupid is not ideal if you’re just looking to hook up, when you’re on a budget or are simply looking for a place to practice your skills OKCupid is a great dating site to start.

Don’t sign up expecting miracles, but it’s a good tool in your toolbox.

All the essential features are free and if you do what we teach inside Dating Decoded you’ll have women messaging you instead of the other way around.

Overall Rating

Ease of Use

How it works

Signing up to OKCupid is simple. Just complete the 2 minute registration via their website or if you own an iPhone or an Android you can just get the App from their App stores. While I prefer to access most hookup sites through my mobile browser for obvious reasons, OKCupid is an App I don’t mind sitting on my home screen.

I’ll be honest. I’ve sort of always had a weak spot for OKCupid. On their blog they provide a lot of information on what works and what doesn’t, but most importantly they’ve taken the serious questionnaire of eHarmony and given it a more lighthearted spin.

OKCupid Review (2018) - How it works
The key to handling questionnaires is with a good sense of humor and some blended truth.

Women are drawn to good sense of humor like a moth to a flame. So it’s a great way to demonstrate some personality as you work your way through these questions.

In fact, they now also added some personality match tests on the site where you can just simply quick Yes or No. Answers are used in their Algorithm’s to see if you’re a match based on Sex, Lifestyle

OKCupid Review (2018) - How it works
Hell no..
OKCupid Review (2018) - How it works
In terms of long term compatibility matching, OKCupid does a bang up job!

Pros and Cons

Pros of

  • Free Access. OKCupid’s biggest draw by far is the fact that you can message and read messages from other members without pulling out
  • Smooth browsing experience using the app
  • Short questionnaire provides great opportunity to get women to message you.

Cons of

  • Too many inactive profiles
  • Lot’s of dudes on the site spoil the fun for everyone
  • Hook Up Dating not Appreciated
  • Lot’s of Ads (if you’re not willing to pay)

Data Breakdown

User Base All Singles*
Popularity(Visit/Mo.) 40 Million*
Gender Ratio


DoubleTake: DoubleTakeSimple hot-or-not feature that’s comparable to swiping on Tinder.

Site Search: Advanced search mechanism which has a filter functionality.

Mobile App: Mobile apps for Android and iOS

Chat: Integrated on site messenger app.

Activity Feed: See what’s going on in your area. Comparible to Facebook’s newsfeed just for people you don’t know ^_^


Free only really goes so far. While it’s very subtle, OkCupid does whatever it can to make you pull your wallet. They have a feature called BOOST that gives your profile extra exposure during peak times on the website.

OKCupid Review (2018) - Pricing
Even if you don’t want to commit to a monthly membership you can get your profile in front of more eyeballs by using their promote feature.

While pricing is reasonable at just a few bucks per boost, it won’t do you much good if your profile isn’t optimized. Especially your profile photo, since this is where all the exposure comes from. Just make sure you optimize your online profile photo first.

Alternatively you can sign up for a full “A-List membership”. While we don’t think it’s worth the money, we do like that as an A-List Premium Member your messages appear at the top of a woman’s inbox too. Which comes in handy considering they receive about 50 messages a day.

A- List Basic A-List Premium
$9.95 / Month $24.90 / Month

Ease of Use

OKCupid has all you need and nothing you don’t. Don’t mistake their simplistic user interface for lacking. Unlike most sites (including some of the ones we gave better ratings) Navigation is simple and does exactly what you expect it to. Ease of use is not the issue.

The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, if you’re looking to hook up, OKCupid is not the answer. There are far better sites for that. However, if you have patience don’t mind spending a lot of time going back and forth OKCupid can be a great fit if you’re on a budget.

In fact, while OKCupid isn’t great for quick results. There really isn’t any reason not to use it. Free access just means more exposure without pulling your credit card.

And if you apply what you’ve learned in Dating Decoded, signing up is really only a plus.

I like the casual way they approach dating. It’s very lighthearted and it’s a nice break from the more romance oriented sites like eHarmony and Elitesingles.

However, while I still answer messages on OKCupid, I just don’t find contacting women in my city worth my time. While their member base is relatively big, most profiles are old and what I consider to be outdated.

The Dude's final verdict: OKCupid needs a manual. Learn to do it the right way or don’t sign up at all.

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