Dating Decoded

No bullshit dating advice
for real men

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Dating Decoded

When you’ve been dating long enough, you’ll get to a point when you ask yourself- Was it always this easy? When you get there you’ll feel like you want be single forever, just cause it’s too much fun not to.

In Dating Decoded we’ll teach you how to quickly get to this level without putting in the 10,000 hours we did. It’s the ultimate shortcut.

By the time you finish reading the book you’ll have a clear step-by-step plan on how to fill your week with more dates you can handle. Whether you’re in your 30ies, 40ies or 50ies, hooking up with women will be as easy as pouring water from the sink.


“Uncomplicated and easy to follow practical advice. Even you read only 10 pages of this book, you’ll be amazed.”

Harold Rodriguez.

“didn’t put this book down until the last page. Dating Decoded leaves no stone unturned”

Stephen J. Williams

“If you’re a busy dude like me, i highly recommend looking at this book. The methods inside will not only save you a lot of time and frustration, but will get you actual results”

Jonathan M.

“my girlfriend just read your book and said - everything he says is annoyingly accurate”

Gilbert Knott
$9.99 - BUY Ebook