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Justin 11 Jun 2017

You’ve probably heard already that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. But there are times when you can even blow an opportunity to make a first impression. It’s called displaying stupid, crass and otherwise unflattering pics on various social media outlets.

You never know who’s checking out your albums on Facebook, Instagram or, but it’s safe bet that is she doesn’t like what she sees, she may be already swiping left in her mind.

Let’s check out a few hints that your online photos aren’t helping out your love life. And if you still have any doubts, check out

#1 It’s called social media, not anti-social media.

Remember that selfie you took in your bedroom? The one where your hair looked great, your clothes were all matching and the look on your face wasn’t bad. If it’s just you sitting in your bedroom alone, you may want to leave it out off your Facebook feed.

Pictures of yourself alone in a room can get old after a while – not to mention pathetic. Focus instead on photos of you engaging in your social setting – hanging with friends, attending social events, being with your family.

An active social life is something woman like – and often demand – in a guy. Pics that confirm that you have a life outside of dating sites and Instagram go a long way toward making you somebody they’d want to know.

#2 Easy on the Exs

It’s temping to pack your online photos albums with memories of girlfriends past. Hey, we all get nostalgic, right? And given how competitive we get with our buddies, it wouldn’t hurt to leave a few reminders of past conquests. But potential daters are less likely to be impressed.

There’s a number of reasons she may find this a turn-off: She may think you’re clinging to previous relationships. She may feel uncomfortable with being compared to other women. Or she me just think you’re a boastful jerk who likes to show the world what a stud you (think you) are. None of these is a good look.

Inside “Dating Decoded” we’ll teach you exactly what pictures with female friends (or any Ex’x for that matter) get great responses and which ones to avoid, but for now you should know that it’s a very fine line between making another woman feel healthy jealousy and pushing her away. Don’t over do it. It will just make you look insecure.

#3 No, you’re not a billionaire

Remember that old dating advice: be yourself? And remember how quickly you ignored those wise words the first time you saw a fat old dude driving around with a 22yr old model in his Porsche?

Sure, it’s true that having shiny possessions can get a lady’s attention. But if she’s got an IQ at least in the double digits, she can see right past your attempts to exaggerate your wealth.

Using your online photo collection to show off your fancy car or boat or gadgets makes you look shallow and empty. Worse yet, it makes you look like an insecure guy trying to compensate for a lack of presence and personality. And corny as it may sound, stuff like presence and personality matter too.

#4 Clothes make the man

Having a sense of style matters to women in ways guys can’t always grasp. So demonstrating your style in online photos is a good idea – even if you feel a little silly doing it. Don’t pretend to be somebody you’re not. But also don’t expect women to look past your beer-stained sweaters and tattered jeans. Give the ladies a hint of what you might look like when you show up for that first date.

And on the subject on clothes – always make sure you’re wearing some. Even if you’ve got a build worth showing off, not many women want to see it before learning your last name or favorite song. A little mystery goes a long way.

#5 Take out the trash

Sometimes the line between fun pictures and trashy pictures can get a little blurred. If you’re not sure, you may want to err on the side of caution.

Keep in mind that your pictures will reflect who you attract. There’s some truth to the old saying, “you attract what you are”. This is something to consider when you’re thinking of adding that photo of you passed out with a beer bong.

Not sure if you’ve crossed the line between class and trash? Testing your photos out on is a good way to find out.

#6 Take care of yourself

Nice pictures can only go so far to conceal who you are. This is true of your personality and your body. This doesn’t have to mean spending hours in the gym or scheduling an appointment with a plastic surgeon, but it’s worth taking some extra time to keep yourself in decent shape.

This can mean a few hours a week on the heavy bag or maybe working a little harder on that acne. It may be true that looks aren’t all that matter, but they do matter.

#7 Don’t hog the bathroom mirror

While it’s true that women like a guy who takes care of himself physically, a guy who obsesses over his looks can be anathema.

Remember that female friend who joked about dating the guy who spent more time in the bathroom getting ready for a date than she did? That guy is a guy you do not want to be.

Being a woman can be pretty competitive – especially when it comes to hair, clothes, makeup, etc. The last thing in the world she needs is competition from you. Your social media presence should reflect that while looks are a part of your personality, you have a complete package to offer.

If you’re ready to take your dating life to the next level and create a brand-like presence for yourself that works in perfect synergy between your dating profiles (yes plural) and your social media that makes women want to message you instead of the other way around, I recommend taking a look at our Dating Decoded eBook.

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