Dating Decoded

No bullshit dating advice
for real men

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Dating Decoded

Most men think being stuck in the “friend zone” is a bad thing. In Dating Decoded we’ll take you by the hand and show you how to turn this into your BIGGEST ADVANTAGE.

Whether it’s that friend you’ve always liked or that cute co-worker from the office, don’t let the nay-sayers fool you. Inside Dating Decoded you’ll learn the 3 step plan that makes her wonder “what if?”. And by the time you’re done reading this book you’ll have a clear plan of attack to turn any friend or foe into your loyal girlfriend.


“No fluff, to the point and refreshing. These guys bring a whole new perspective to dating”

David Mouet.

“These 40 pages made me rethink everything I thought to be true about dating.”

Benjamin Dumont

“with a bit of practice a few crash and burns this little book has literally gotten me everything I ever wanted out of a girlfriend”

Thomas Laforest

“my girlfriend read your book and said - everything he says is annoyingly accurate”

Gilbert Knott
$9.99 - BUY Ebook